At First…

Hi, I'm Antonio!
Vi-Vi PUNX is not just a band, Family!

Many years before, I am on the street in Chile.
I did everything to live a life with no hope.
But, someday I met a punx, JOSE.
Of course, I could not believe the course met with JOSE.
Because He is legend, early Extitos's Guitalist!
He was recommended to me playing music…
So, I start playing the drums with him,
And we went Italy to form a new band.
We met many crazy punx momentarily,KOSA,YOKARINO,PLOONE…oh,G.O.P,haha!
Long time has passed since then…

We are Vi-Vi PUNX!
We just play hardcore punk,
We don't have bass player,
But so fucking what?


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